Dec 1, 2008

Poo - IndiaGlitz Sizzles The Screen

Call it a blessing from the heavens. The 'Rain God' was gracious to bless all those who thronged the exclusive premiere of director Sasi's meaningful film 'Poo', organized by IndiaGlitz, the online media partner of the film.

Perhaps for the first time in the history of Tamil Cinema, a web portal has successfully tied up with a movie to promote the flick exclusively and organize a premiere show with grandeur.

Braving showers the who's who of Tamil film industry including prominent producer Kalaipuli S Thanu, actors Srikanth, Bharath, Ajmal, Arya, Narain, Aravind Akash, Premji Directors Venkat Prabhu, SS Stanley, Kathir, Subramaniya Siva, S Ve Shekher and RK, actresses Sandhya, Lekha Washington, Parvathi, Music Composer Tharan, S S Kumaran and directors including Sasi thronged the Four Frames in Chenani gracefully accepting the invitation from IndiaGlitz.

IndiaGlitz takes pride in associating itself with the project. Once again, we thank one and all who contributed their best in making the event a grand success.

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Nov 26, 2008

Parvathi – Sensibility personified

In an exclusive interview to Indiaglitz, the bubbly actress with intelligent eyes talked about her experiences as an actress, the exquisite nature of the film 'Poo' and her thirst to be associated with cinema.

'I am sure everyone will go into the theater and watch Mari and not Parvathi. I know that'll happen' says Parvathi while talking about the intense nature of her character in the film and her preparations to meet her character's demands.

One gets the feeling this actress might be very different from the rest especially because she possesses a natural inclination to knowledge and a brilliant understanding of what her role in cinema is.

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Director Sasi - The Man Behind 'Poo' Speaks

Director Sasi on an interview with Indiaglitz said," A number of love stories prevails yet 'Poo' showcases the ambivalence of those people which is being narrated on the line of love. A village girl's naive emotions and realities of the rural locales are being told in the most ambient manner. The audience will sure be surprised with Srikanth's presence that is etched differently. Apart from the actor, the movie is comprised of completely new faces amidst whom 'Poo' blossoms."

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Nov 1, 2008

Would Srikanth shine in a rustic character?

Srikanth, one of most handsome actors in Tamil cinema, comes together with his launch director, Sasi for "Poo". The Srikanth-Sasi duo which had earlier delivered a hit in Roja Kootam are very confident of Poo recreating the magic. Heaping laurels on Srikanth , director Sasi said, 'Srikanth is a very talented artistes in Tamil cinema. He has performed with ease and élan'. Poo is sure to give Srikanth the break that is long over due to him.

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Would 'Poo' go down as Sasi's best film yet?

Director Sasi is one of the very few talents who has made a name for himself with movies that portray emotions while at the same time entertaining the masses.The three critically acclaimed films to his credit are "Rojakootam", "Sollamale" and Dishyum.

The film is based on S. Thamizh Selvan's novel 'Veyyilodu Poi'. Says Sasi, 'the novel captures the heart and soul of rustic life in Rajapalayam and will most definitely give the feeling of having read the novel'. On his star cast, Sasi says, 'I share a good rapport with Srikanth right from the 'Rojakootam' days. I still wonder what is preventing the actor from making it really big in cinema. Parvathi has a great passion for cinema and her dedication to excel in the role is amazing'.

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Will Parvathi join the list that features Asin, Nayantara and Meera Jasmine?

Parvathi, who has rendered some noteworthy performances in Malayalam films like 'Notebook', 'Flash' makes her debut in Tamil through this film. She plays as a village girl in 'Poo' and the whole crew of the film is in praise of her performance.

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Is S. S. Kumaran's music on debut path breaking?

The think-tank behind 'Poo' has introduced a talented musician S. S. Kumaran and the debutant has indeed given out his best and is sure to appease the masses.With the likes of Na Muthukumar penning soulful lyrics and the exquisite cinematography of Muthiah the music reaches out very well with the desired effect.

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Poo Music Review

Poo - Different and spellbinding

Identifying a refreshing script that sparkles is an art that makes everyone associated with it happy….after all, a thing of beauty is a joy forever. Moser Baer seems to be excelling in this art despite the fact that their avatar of producing movies is pretty recent. After the stupendous success of 'Raman Thediya Seethai' the corporate production house has made a film titled 'Poo' with the directorial expertise of Sasi.
'Poo' introduces a new music director in S. S. Kumaran who has come out with tunes that simply transfixes listeners. Sasi known to delve deep into human emotions has chosen a rustic backdrop for this film and the music creates rural magic with great effect.
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